Did you know that the international eCommerce market is worth over 2.5 trillion dollars? Are you aware of the fact that most experts agree that this market will grow for at least ten years in the future? This means that you can join a thriving market right now. If you are interested in launching a business, consider eCommerce. in case you’ve decided to join this market, you should focus on finding the best international eCommerce platforms. Of course, this is an option if you are targeting international users. Now let’s take a close look at our list of top international eCommerce platforms.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform which was established in 2006. Today, this is one of the most used international eCommerce platforms. It’s a platform that has literally everything you need for smooth business operations over the Internet. This is an easy-to-use solution ideal for complete beginners. With Shopify, you will get excellent customer support as well as free community support. The latter is possible thanks to the thousands of active Shopify users. Shopify offers secure hosting and excellent loading speeds. It also provides great online marketing tools and SEO features. If you want to improve your online store, even more, you can use their add-ons.


OpenCart is another international eCommerce platform with a long history. It exists for over two decades now and powers over 300.000 websites. OpenCart is an open source eCommerce platform with an intuitive design. You don’t need many resources to use this platform and there’s no need for extensive tech knowledge to get started. It’s a PHP-based option which gives users many customization opportunities. On their website, you will find many modules and extensions. Keep in mind that there are some extensions and themes that are not completely secure and reliable.


Magento is another well-known brand even though it doesn’t have as many users as Shopify or OpenCart. This PHP-based option is very flexible which is great especially for businesses that are still looking for their style. What’s positive is that it comes with many built-in features that you can’t find elsewhere. This is a mobile-friendly, scalable solution, but it requires a certain level of technical skills and knowledge in order to get started and use it. So, it’s very likely that you will need to use the professional services of web developers in this case. There’s a free Magento version, but the premium version is quite expensive.