eCommerce is a very popular topic these days because both consumers and business owners have realized how beneficial this type of commerce can be. In the last decade, eCommerce has witnessed a significant growth and the numbers related to this industry are going up every year. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start an eCommerce venture. On the contrary, with the right business plan and eCommerce platform, you can start selling products and services on the global market in no time. We have created a list of the best international eCommerce platforms that you can use to create an eCommerce site.

Wix Store

Wix is a famous hosting service which now has an eCommerce platform too. Wix Store enables registered users to create modern eCommerce sites where they can showcase their products. The best thing about it is that even users with little technical knowledge can become part of the eCommerce world and manage online businesses because Wix Store is easy to use. Another thing that people love about Wix Store is that it provides affordable pricing and promises excellent speed and safety. In case you get stuck, you can always count on their customer support.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is another popular brand and eCommerce platform which powers thousands of websites. This PHP-based solution relies on MySQL. Zen Cart has a variety of features and special architecture that promises smooth eCommerce operations. Generally speaking, this is one of the safest software solutions out there. Zen Cart is a good option for users who are planning on growing their business without worrying about the platform’s scalability. With this platform, you can manage customers in a very simple way. The only thing that some users may find problematic is that most of the templates look average and there’s nothing special about them.


PrestaShop has been present in this market since 2007. It represents an excellent option for business owners who want to build an online store fast without breaking the bank. If you need a modern and affordable solution that comes with sophisticated options and features, you must take PrestaShop into account. The installation process offered by this platform is very simple and fast. This is an open source eCommerce platform which has a user-friendly interface. It also offers many customization options that will help you come up with a unique online store.

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